i've found some joy in never knowing
exactly where i may be going.

young girl, always wandering but never lost.

art, coffee, riot grrl. i like boys, but i love women.
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probably not gonna be on tumblr as much anymore

if you want to keep stalking me, here’s my new blog.



Bowie: Getting arrested in style


Bowie: Getting arrested in style

thoughts today

-i stole someone’s bike, but it’s a piece of shit (cracked plastic seat, rusted chains) so i’m probably just gonna end up selling it at the ashby flea market

-i got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and i got to keep them. i’ll probably make earrings out of them

-my fuck buddy is going to germany tomorrow, which sucks for me as i am on the rag and can’t get one last screw in before he dips to ze muzerland

-i am on a lot of vicodin right now